A DNA originating from institutional asset management

With a background in asset management, we apply its sophisticated techniques to transcend the limits of traditional private banking. Being more disciplined, fund management obtains better results by using consistent processes, a sound macro-economic scenario and fundamental analyses.
This enables us to offer our private clients the same management and advice quality as in the investment funds intended for professionals.

200 years' cumulative experience in investment management

Nothing can replace practical experience of the business, because reality is always different from academic theory. Because it is over time that one acquires an in-depth and practical knowledge of the techniques and tools, an ability to cope with unexpected situations and a good understanding of the psychological factors that influence investors’ decisions.

Modern portfolio management based on a transparent process

Embedded in centuries-old principles of quality and ethics, DECALIA is nonetheless resolutely future-oriented, offering modern portfolio management within the framework of a transparent investment process.

Expertise in identifying specialized managers

While DECALIA boasts strong expertise in the main asset classes, it also knows how to enlist the best outside skills when necessary. DECALIA has thus developed substantial expertise in analyzing and selecting managers specializing in specific asset classes or styles.

A management-owned company ensuring an alignment of interests

DECALIA’s managers and founding staff are also its shareholders, which is a genuine guarantee of sustainability. As they all share the same long-term vision, they can put in place the prerequisites for lasting success: a total commitment to client satisfaction.

Privileged contacts with custodian banks

We manage our clients’ accounts deposited within their existing custodian banks through a limited power of attorney.

If needed, we can help them to choose a custodian bank best suited to their needs and negotiate for them the best possible fee structure.