Private Markets Focus

Growth Investing Grows Up

Read our latest Private Markets quarterly article focusing on the Rise of Growth Lending in Europe written by our Lead Alternative Portfolio Manager, Reji Vettasseri.

Key elements:

  • The European tech sector is developing rapidly
  • Specialist growth lenders offer an attractive value proposition for investors
  • Growth lending strategies are poised for strong growth and continued strong return generation



This time is different

Why this cycle will be unusual and what to do about it

  • The cause: a liquidity squeeze
  • The response: unprecedented stimulus
  • The effect: asymmetric impact

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Seeking outperformance in the COVID-19 storm

Analysing why crisis-era funds deliver enhanced returns and where to deploy today

  • Analysing performance over the cycle
  • Why downturn vintages outperform
  • Cooperation, between countries but also companies, will be essential in this effort


Responding to dislocation

Private Credit’s history of adapting to change and crisis

  • Lessons from history: superior returns in turbulent times
  • Private credit after 2008: filling the financing gap
  • Private credit for today: the rise of specialized


Infinite Money

New paradigms and challenges for investors – A case for private markets

  • Secular disruptions in the economy
  • The comeback of private markets
  • DECALIA Perspectives

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