DECALIA sponsors several sports and philanthropy projects.

DECALIA Flying Phantom

The Flying Phantom is a new generation of foiling catamaran, able to literally fly above the water to reach speeds unimaginable for a classic sailboat.

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Together To Go Foundation

DECALIA actively supports the Together To Go Foundation.


Founded in Milano in 2011, the Together To Go Foundation (TOG) is not-for-profit association that launched TOG, a rehabilitation centre for complex neurological diseases caused by genetic syndromes and pre- or neo-natal trauma.

Children treated at TOG experience difficulties at the motor, cognitive, behavioral and communication levels. The margin for improvement is often very important, but almost always badly detected at the diagnosis level. Consequently, only appropriate practical rehabilitation, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, is an effective treatment.

The TOG Centre provides these children with a quality, personalized and dynamic rehabilitation program. All programs are provided free of charge to each of the more than 100 children the Foundation takes care of.

For more information, visit the Foundation’s website.


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