Alfredo Piacentini, CEO DECALIA Asset Management

Une licence volontaire pour accéder au marché européen

“En attendant la signature d’un accord-cadre avec l’UE qui ouvrirait enfin la voie à une négociation sur la libre-prestation de services, un système de licence volontaire permettrait aux instituts qui le désirent de développer depuis la Suisse leurs activités en Europe.”

Dans cette chronique parue dans Le Temps du 3 juin, notre CEO Alfredo Piacentini explique pourquoi il est important de conclure l’accord-cadre avec l’UE qui ouvrirait enfin la porte aux négociations sur l’accès au marché européen. Dans l’intervalle, il milite en faveur d’une licence similaire à ce qui existe déjà avec les Etats-Unis.

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DECALIA appoints Bernhard Utiger as new Region Head for German-speaking Switzerland

Swiss investment management company DECALIA Asset Management has appointed Bernhard Utiger as Region Head for the development of its asset management business in German-speaking Switzerland. DECALIA started to tackle the Swiss-German market in 2017 and, through this new hire, underlines its strong commitment to the region. In just a few years, DECALIA has begun to establish itself as an innovation leader by launching thematic strategies and private market solutions that successfully capture promising long-term investment trends.


REdesign, REuse, REduce

The case for circular economy

From linear to circular: our civilization functions with a linear approach in which we draw from a finite stock of raw materials and energy to make goods and services that we then throw away, generating often-toxic waste in a unbridled wastage of resources. This model is obviously not sustainable in the long term.

The circular economy entails a revolutionary way of thinking across the value chain and provides a more sustainable model.

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BILAN – La société du jetable en question

Dans son numéro du 27 mars 2019, le magazine économique suisse BILAN s’intéresse à la question de l’obsolescence programmée et aux entreprises qui ont décidé de proposer un modèle d’affaires plus durable.

Interrogé par BILAN, Clément Maclou, le gérant de notre stratégie Circular Economy, explique notamment que les entreprises qui adoptent les bonnes pratiques seront récompensées par leurs clients.


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DECALIA among the Top 50 Swiss independent asset managers

DECALIA Asset Management is one of the 50 largest independent asset managers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, according to the first ranking established by reference magazine Citywire Switzerland in its February 2019 edition.

In order to be included in the survey, independent asset managers had to meet the following criteria :

  • Hold a FINMA licence or be a member of a recognized SRO
  • Operate independently from a bank or another financial services provider
  • Offer discretionary management services for private clients
  • Be free to choose external products and services providers

The 50 firms with the largest assets under management were then identified and included in the final ranking.


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DECALIA thrice crowned at the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2019

During the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2019 awards dinner held yesterday in front of 200 members of the financial industry, Geneva investment management company DECALIA Asset Management won three of the four categories in which it was shortlisted. DECALIA received the best external asset manager, best asset management firm serving family offices and private banks, and best fund manager trophies.



  • Il consumo eccessivo di carne animale sta riducendo le risorse naturali del Pianeta, e non è sano
  • Una dieta più bilanciata, prodotti locali e fonti di proteine alternative sono il percorso da seguire
  • Quali sono le società che beneficeranno di questa transizione?


DECALIA shortlisted in 4 categories of the 2019 WealthBriefing Swiss Awards

DECALIA has been shortlisted as one of the finalists in four categories of the 2019 WealthBriefing Swiss Awards:

  • External Asset Manager
  • Best Asset Management Firm Serving Family Offices and Private Banks
  • Fund Manager
  • Alternative Fund Manager

Showcasing ‘best of breed’ providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisor communities, the awards were designed to recognise companies, teams and individuals which the prestigious panel of judges deemed to have ‘demonstrated innovation and excellence during 2018’.

Winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner which will be held in Geneva on 7 February 2019 at the Hotel President Wilson.

DECALIA lancia un fondo di Merger Arbitrage con W Capital

DECALIA prosegue l’ampliamento della sua gamma di fondi con il lancio di una strategia di merger arbitrage. Questa strategia punta a generare un rendimento assoluto attraente con volatilità bassa, decorrelato dai mercati tradizionali. La gestione del fondo è affidata a W Capital – società specializzata in questa strategia – che vanta uno dei migliori track record dell’industria. Il fondo, rivolto a investitori qualificati, è strutturato sotto forma di Fondo d’Investimento Alternativo Riservato di diritto lussemburghese (“FIAR” o “RAIF” in inglese).


DECALIA strengthens its sales team in French-speaking Switzerland

DECALIA Asset Management strengthens its institutional sales team by recruiting Truong-Linh Pham. He joins DECALIA after having spent 14 years with Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management. Working alongside Rafaella Ostier, his mission will be to promote the investment solutions developed by the Group to professional clients.



  • Human life span has doubled over the last 200 years but expectancy at 70 has barely increased
  • Cure ageing, not (only) diseases! – Paradigm shift in the health industry now well underway
  • Big data as the game-changer – No end in sight for Tech giants longevity…



  • From vinyl records to digital files, a wind of change has blown over the global music industry
  • Streaming & concerts have overtaken physical sales – Revenues back to their 2006 peak in the US
  • Digitalization has created new opportunities but not all players will top the Billboard charts



  • Worth USD 1.3 trillion, the global sport & fitness industry has become a major growth sector today
  • Baby-boomers anxious to remain healthy & body image obsessed Millennials are the main drivers
  • Digital natives have now taken sports to social media – A new societal phenomenon is born!



  • Growing population & scarcer natural resources – Tomorrow’s world biggest challenge!
  • Transition from linear to circular now underway – The end of the world as you know it
  • Not just good for the ecosystem, but also for the economy & early business adopters


DECALIA lancia il primo fondo azionario dedicato all’economia circolare

DECALIA Asset Management prosegue il suo percorso innovativo con il lancio di DECALIA Circular Economy, il primo fondo di investimento azionario dedicato all’economia circolare. Con questa nuova strategia, DECALIA dà seguito al progetto iniziato con i fondi DECALIA Millennials e DECALIA Silver Generation e si posiziona quale ideatrice di fondi specialistici incentrati sulle nuove tendenze di consumo.


The Difficult Journey of The Long-term Investor

Warren Buffett once famously said, “The stock market is a device to transfer money from the impatient to the patient”. Long-term investment though, is not for the fainthearted and far from easy. Yet it can be a very rewarding strategy. Undoubtedly, it was for him at least as in more than 50 years – from 1964 to 2017 – he achieved a compounded annual return of +20.9%, well above the market at +9.9%. As a matter of fact, $1’000 USD invested with him in 1964 would have become $24M by 2017.


Italy’s economic situation ahead of the elections

Our partner, Rodolfo De Benedetti, was interviewed on CNN Money Switzerland to share his view on the Italian economic recovery ahead of the elections.


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Banking desintermediation, an answer to SME’s needs

In this article published in Le Temps of 19 February 2018, our CEO Alfredo Piacentini not only explains why banking disintermediation answers the needs of SMEs, but also how it offers new investment opportunities.


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Michele Pedroni assume la gestione del fondo azionario europeo di DECALIA

DECALIA Asset Management ha affidato a Michele Pedroni la gestione di DECALIA EUROPEAN CONVICTION, il fondo azionario europeo volto a sfruttare le inefficienze dei mercati in Europa. Michele Pedroni assumerà la funzione di gestore principale del fondo dopo averne ottimizzato il processo di gestione per nove mesi.


WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2018

DECALIA shortlisted in the “Fund Manager” category of the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards

DECALIA has been shortlisted as one of the 3 finalists in the ‘Fund Manager‘ category of the 2018 WealthBriefing Swiss Awards.

Showcasing ‘best of breed’ providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisor communities, the awards were designed to recognise companies, teams and individuals which the prestigious panel of judges deemed to have ‘demonstrated innovation and excellence during 2017’.

Winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner which will be held in Geneva on 8 February 2018 at the Hotel President Wilson.