Investment Insights


  • Social distancing brings many challenges but also the opportunity to study and work differently
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and extended reality are transforming the online learning experience
  • Remote working is a win-win solution – for employees, employers but also the environment


COVID-19: Remote Work, a new normal?

  • At the time of writing, more than 3 billion people are confined to homes across the world due to COVID-19.
  • Remote work is now undoubtedly becoming the “new normal” for many businesses, even with the presence of children at home.
  • Remote Work has always been one of the sub themes in our DECALIA Circular Economy strategy, given the benefits it creates on environment, productivity and morale.
  • While the speed of adoption was supposed to be gradual, given the severity and magnitude of the current lockdown, Remote working is now being adopted by almost everyone. However, we must ask ourselves, is this change in working behavior here to stay?

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How I learnt to love confinement and live like a Millennial

  • At the time of writing, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, and France have all gone on nation-wide lockdowns. The UK, and we assume many others, are likely to follow suit, soon.
  • There is no precedent for almost entire populations working from home, with schools and borders shut.
  • These are truly extraordinary times, and not a scenario any market participant was betting on just four weeks ago.
  • While the depth of the crisis took us by surprise, consumer patterns have shifted to businesses we know and like. It looks like staying at home is forcing entire populations to live more like Millennials!

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Fly Me To The Moon… And Beyond

  • A new era of space exploration is dawning
  • Governments, but also private investors, aim to send humans to distant orbits
  • The toughest challenge may well lie in drawing up the laws of a Galactic Republic


Digital Love

  • Almost one in five couples now meet online
  • US Match Group and Chinese Momo own the most popular dating apps…
  • … with Facebook well equipped to join the fray


ESG: from “nice to have” to “must have”

  • 2019 may well be be remembered as the turning point for ESG investing
  • The range of ESG vehicles is fast expanding, with large asset managers joining the fray
  • As money continues to pour into this space, ESG rating systems will need to improve


Retro strikes back !

  • Millennials, as well as Generation Z, have spun the wheel of fashion back three decades
  • In furnishing, cars and entertainment too, a form of nostalgia prevails
  • Brands can serve to unite generations – and deliver value to investors


Decarbonising The Planet

  • 15 years after inception, the EU carbon allowance market is finally doing its job
  • The rising cost of emissions will push economic agents to rethink their processes
  • Expect massive investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles, hydrogen, biofuels and carbon capture


Trend Focus – Fitness Generation

Fitness has known an unprecedented boom over the latest few years as the health and wellness trend boomed globally. This trend was driven by the rise to power of millennials, to date the healthiest modern generation to grace the earth.

Suffice to look at the recent google search trends when it comes to some hot topics in today’s fitness world to see that there is a quite visible craze coinciding with the coming of age of millennials


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Health-e Connections

  • Medical information-sharing & intelligent devices are transforming the healthcare industry
  • But data security and privacy concerns must be addressed to embrace this revolution
  • MedTech companies, new entrants, IT/healthcare partnerships: investment opportunities abound


Currency Warriors

  • As the pool of negatively-yielding debt grows, central banks need to rethink their toolbox
  • Currency manipulation (i.e. management): the last twist in the global trade dispute?
  • But no matter who wins the currency war, gold is usually the safest bet for investors…


Fashion Victims

  • Increasingly frequent purchases of inexpensive garments cause severe environmental damage
  • Circular business models are now gaining traction all along the fashion supply-chain
  • Recycled materials, clothing repair/re-commerce/rental or virtual styling: opportunities abound


Shake or Break?

  • Regulators are considering toughening their stance on Silicon Valley giants
  • Breaking up the GAFA companies or forcing greater competition: that is the question
  • Either way, investors are set to benefit from greater levels of scrutiny and transparency


Another «G», Sir?

  • 5G promises much greater speed, more density, less latency – and better energy-efficiency
  • Huawei under US fire – more to do with global 5G domination than trade considerations
  • These technological advances will transform our world – opening up investment opportunities too


Pump ‘N Dunk

  • With their millions of followers, star athletes boast an ever-greater marketing clout
  • Basketball epitomizes the importance of lucrative endorsements – and young talents
  • On the court are Nike and Adidas… but also up-and-coming Chinese challengers


REdesign, REuse, REduce

The case for circular economy

From linear to circular: our civilization functions with a linear approach in which we draw from a finite stock of raw materials and energy to make goods and services that we then throw away, generating often-toxic waste in a unbridled wastage of resources. This model is obviously not sustainable in the long term.

The circular economy entails a revolutionary way of thinking across the value chain and provides a more sustainable model.

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Rent-All Services

  • Product as a Service – Why purchase a product when you could instead share it?
  • A pay-for-use model promotes quality and longevity, rather than volume of production
  • Rethinking how products are brought to consumers matters to all companies – and investors


Streaming Out Loud

  • Streaming media platforms have disrupted the entire entertainment ecosystem – More to come
  • With the technology now mainstream, the (expensive) race for content is on…
  • Picking the winning content makers will be key… but alternative investments offer value too


Rethinking Plastic

  • Public awareness of the plastic issue has never been so high – Change is underway
  • Reuse, Recycle and Redesign: the way forward toward a “new plastics economy”
  • Alternatives to plastic packaging set to regain long-lost market share – Spot the winners


Sm-Art Diversification

  • 2018 was another record year for art auction houses – The hype is real but can it last?
  • Art brings welcome portfolio diversification – but it also lacks transparency and liquidity…
  • Amid current late-cycle signs, selectivity should overrule speculative considerations